3 comments on “Metal CNC aluminium upgrade coming soon….

    • Hi !

      I think its compatible if you change the main shaft as i’ve done but I’m not sure 100%, let’s check when item arrives…

      My V922 has an autorotation system, was my first mod, ant the autorotation system is designed for the MCPX so I’m gonna cross my fingers and pray 🙂

  1. Here is some info from RcGroups (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1689270&page=6) talking about the swashplate. (Author achoog33)

    Ok I own both a mcpx and a turnify fbl100. I have extensively flown and crashed both, the fbl100 has a more locked in feel and is very stable when transitioning inbetween 3d manoeuvres it does not have the pitching tendancies or the cyclic wobble that the mcpx gets. The tail is also very locked in and it has a little more power. However it is not as crashable as the mcpx I found the main gear came off the main shaft very easily, the bearing would come out of the frame and also the swashplate would come apart. Mcpx parts do fit straight onto the fbl100 I am now using mcpx main shaft main gear and swashplate many crashes pick it up fly it again. I have also owned both genius cp and minicp they outperform both and hold up well in crashes except for the servos as they do strip gears if you are not quick on throttle hold when you crash.

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