13 comments on “How to power ther HT8 Module using Turnigy 9x and only 1 cable

  1. Hi, nice blog as right on my current interest 🙂 V911 and turnigy 9x and looking for a 6 ch soon.. Quick questions for you : have you been able to use the Ht8 module with the stock firmware or is it mandatory to flash the controller ? are you happy with the fly performance of the FBL 80 ? For a first 6ch would you advise the V922 or the FBL80 ?

    neat post

    Thx 🙂

  2. Hi sorry for the delay….

    Thanks for your words 😉 !

    I’ve not tried it whitht the stock firmware but as far as i know it should work too, you only need to create a model following the same parameters you’ll find in Google. I’m gonna put them soon.

    I dont have a FBL80, I’ve a V922 and I’m really happy with the Heli !!! i suggest you to buy the V922 instead of the FBL80 since V922 have a lot of compatible parts and upgrades like the MCPx and FBL100.



  3. Hi Guillaume,

    Here’s a link to my V922 setup print out.


    If you want you can try to enter the paremeters on your stock radio manually but i think modding the 9x with the Er9x it’s the easy way…Upon flashed your radio with the Er9x you can use companion9x to upload / download / modify models to/into your radio as well as firmware updating.

    If you need help with the radio flashing just let me know.


  4. Hi, what firmware do you have in your TG9x? I`m looking for Open9X setup for HT8 + V922.

    • Hi ddano007, currently I’m using the Er9x, I found it more easy when loading the posted programs from the forums whith this firmware but you can use Open9x too. If you’re planning to make your custom programs, i mean, start from 0, you can use both of them but if you want to try other programs go for the Er9x because it’s the most common.

      Good Luck 😉

      • Thanks solmer2, I found some setup for ER9x, but not working in my TX … Maybe two questions:
        1, what channel order do you use?
        2, do you use swashmix in TX or it is done by v922 control board?

      • Hi ddano007 !

        The channel order is AETR.
        The swashmix it’s done on the TX.

        Anyway I’ve uploaded 2 files (setups)

        HT8 (Common setup for the V922)
        Mellow (A setup for beginners, no negative pitch, just to fly like a 4Ch heli)

        Good luck 😉

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